Sierra's Alternative Outfit by ZombieKitty

Created by ZK-ZombieKitty in November 2009

General Information Edit

  • Name: Sierra Zamora
  • Age: 15 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Human
  • Experiance: -Locked-
  • Birthday: February 12th
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Hometown: -Locked-

Appearance Edit

  • Height: 5 ft 4 in
  • Weight: 112 lb
  • Hair: Dark Brown, dyed red at the front left side (facing)
  • Eyes: Sky Blue
  • Scars:
  • Neck/ Throat: Speech Difficulties

Nicknames / TitlesEdit

  • Sie
  • Hoodie
  • Gigglebox
  • "Bladed Gauntlets" Sierra Zamora

Clothes and AccessoriesEdit

  • A purple zipped hoodie-dress is the most prominent feature of clothing, light purple with vertical stripes of white running from the hem of the hood down the back. Sleeves are over-long to hide the hands, the end reaching mid-thigh. An over-sized black zipper bearing the mark of Shinigami keeps it closed, four pockets hemmed in white on the front, two at chest-level, two at hip level one on either side.

Underneath the hoodie dress is a long-sleeved white top, black shorts to mid-thigh. Knee-high socks with a black design down the sides cover her legs, with black dolly shoes for footwear.


  • Family:


  • Partner:

Matt Raymond

  • Friends:


  • Other:


Background InfromationEdit

Sierra's past was rather unknown until the end of last year. She was found when she was nine years old by Matt while he and his family were in California. Partially transformed into her weapon form and a gash across her throat, she was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment. Matt and his parents visited often while she was being treated, though she seemed so traumatised that all she recalled was a name which she took as her own. After much discussion, Matt's parents decided to take her in as their foster daughter until such time someone claimed her or she struck out on her own. She travelled around the world with them, coming out for her shell and finally finding her own feet. She and Matt grew close over the years, learning how to defend themselves but with no other Weapon to teach Sierra, she decided Shibusen would be the best place to go, with Matt as her Meister.

When they were thirteen, they headed off to Death City to begin their training. However, after two years, Sierra came across a monster from her past, the same one who had put her in such a condition when she and Matt first met. Terrified, she began to shrink back into her shell and told Matt that she felt 'uncomfortable' in Death City and wanted to go somewhere else. Matt agreed, despite not knowing the true reason and they were transferred to Shibusen NP

Her past came to light when Sierra was kidnapped by her birth mother, snatched during a call out to what was a hoax mission. After a month of being held captive, Sierra was rescued by her friends. She revealed that her mother was always unwell as long as she could remember and over time grew worse, especially as she was pregnant, attacking Sierra's father. One night she eventually killed him and almost killed Sierra when the girl left her room, being the cause of the cut across her throat. This is turn sent Sierra into partial form where she stabbed her mother to escape and killed her unborn sibling accidentally in the process.


Sierra's a playful and energetic spirit. Bubbly and bouncy, she'll happily introduce herself to someone new who she thinks is friendly enough to approach. Trying to keep optimistic and keep light of situations is how she likes it, tending to flirt with the guys and giggle at nearly everything. When it comes to confrontation, she'll back down, not liking angry people or being yelled at. However, she can stand up better when it's for someone else. When she sees someone upset, she'll gladly go over to hug them, listen to them if they need to talk and offer advice.

The girl cannot bear silence and clings to her music player with a death-grip, it the only lifeline she had when held captive by her mother. She can't bear to be without her music in any way.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Weapon Forms:

Partial – Sierra's arms from the elbows down transform into sleek blades, pointed at the hands to swing back into another point past the elbow.

  • Full Transformation – A pair of gauntlets with adjustable blades, armour plating up the rest of the arms and connected down the spine with further armour to make it one piece.
  • Soul Perception: Sierra's Soul Perception is weak at best, having to rely on Matt's far stronger perception ability. She works best with souls that she's familiar with in a closer range.

Fighting styleEdit

  • Fighting Style:

Sierra is not much of a fighter by herself, despite being practically raised by a Capoeira Mestre. She knows a few moves to defend herself though her fighting style is more akin to drunken boxing style in that she's unpredictable and weaves to avoid. She can defend herself to an extent but only enough to maybe hold of an enemy until help arrives.

  • Attacks:


  • Standard Fighting Form: Capoeira
  • Tamashii no Kyōmei:

Sierra transforms into a large sword fixed to her Meister's dominant arm. The armour becomes more formed to the whole arm but leaves the rest of the body exposed. The sword is jagged edged, black with silver edging and a red gem in the centre of the blade. It can cut through mostly anything, releasing a shockwave of energy when swung.

  • Chain Resonaunce: -Locked-

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