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This is a fanclub dedicated to the fans of Soul Eater whom are just itching to create their own alternate selves. We welcome all who are dedicated to their creative souls but please keep in mind that respect is of the highest priority in a club that will hopefully have a wide variety of artists.

This club is for Original Characters!!! We hope that you will be super creative cause that makes things interesting! The club follows Soul Eater world, meaning while they hold different skills they still should still have weak points.

You are welcome to create as many OC’s (Original Characters) as you like However, one well thought out character may be more interesting then ten random ones!

In order to keep things interesting, We have created “Lessons”. Lessons can be accomplished in the form of Art/writing/other media (ie. Photography, Flash, Film) The number of souls you collect will be determined by how many lessons you complete. Each lesson is worth 3 Souls, Remember you need a total of 99 souls and one witch soul to become a death scythe. Also at least 33 souls are required to apply become a teacher if you wish!

Eventually we hope to hold contests and events once we get enough members! Thank You Very Much for Checking out the club! Feel Free to Sign up!

~Yintoyang And Sweet-penguin-mochi

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