Matt's Alternative Outfit by Zombiekitty

Created by ZK-ZombieKitty in November 2009

General Information Edit

  • Name: Mattias Raymond
  • Age: 18 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Experiance: -Locked-
  • Birthday: July 2nd
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Hometown: -Locked-

Appearance Edit

  • Height: 5 ft 11 in
  • Weight: 118 lb
  • Hair: Indigo Blue
  • Eyes: Pale blue
  • Scars: -Locked-

Nicknames / TitlesEdit

  • Matt
  • Teeg
  • Sparkles
  • His Bishieness
  • "Bladed Gauntlets" Meister Matt

Clothes and AccessoriesEdit

Matt wears a white shirt with rolled up sleeves under a black vest with orange detail on the sides, a pair of matching mariposa pants; black with orange bands extending from thigh to shin. The bands are wide on the outside of the leg and narrow slightly towards the inside of the leg. There is also a white martial-style belt around his waist and a Shinigami-logo wristband on his left wrist. His shoes are black with orange tips, the tips and heels of which are steel-capped for added weight when in battle.


  • Family:


  • Partner:

Sierra Zamora

  • Friends:


  • Other:


Background InfromationEdit

Due to his parent's lifestyle, Matt was born off the coast of Australia, technically making him an Aussie. However, with his mother constantly searching for her 'calling' and taking he and his father around the world, Matt grew up without the companionship of friends. Being around adults most of the time made him act far more mature for his age but also unsure of how to act around strangers, especially those his own age. Seeing most of the world by the time he was ten was certainly interesting but there was no-one to share his adventures with. Matt often found he could see and feel things that his parents couldn't. He could sense when people were approaching before he could see them and could see their souls within them. This strong Soul Perception was what led him to finding his Weapon, Sierra. After his family took her in, the two were nearly inseparable; Sierra due to what she had been through and Matt because he finally had a friend his own age. Matt knew his abilities were different and his ideas for his future changes from wanting to be a doctor to wanting to be Sierra's Meister. When they were thirteen, they headed off to Death City to begin their training. However, after two years, Sierra suddenly began to shrink back into her shell and told Matt that she felt 'uncomfortable' in Death City and wanted to go somewhere else. Not wanting her to go back to the way she had been when they first met, Matt agreed and they were transferred to Shibusen NP shortly after Matt turned sixteen.


Matt is generally a calm person, though he has been known to be rather cold at times, even considered mean because of how brutally honest he can be at times. He's grown a little warmer towards other since joining Shibusen, but can still get quite annoyed if people are just being idiots. Sierra seems to be the only one who he will let get away with things like that. Though he may not be much of a people person, he will fiercely protect anyone who is in trouble and stand up against injustice. He dislikes those who faun over him because of his looks, wanting to be known for himself rather than his handsome face.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Soul Perception: Matt's Soul Perception is quite strong, his range extending about 8 miles and easily able to see wavelengths and the form of people's souls.
  • Soul Pressure: A Soul Technique being learned from Will. Matt enforces his own wavelength onto that of another, pushing them down or away from him. He can't move much while doing it and has very limited range.

Fighting styleEdit

  • Fighting Style (Solo and with Partner):

Capoeira: With his father as a Capoeira Mestre, Matt has been trained in the fighting style most of his life, as a way to keep him disciplined, able to defend himself and to keep him entertained while travelling around so much when he was younger. The Capoeira style involves mostly leg-work but incorporates many flips, spins and twists into the style for maximum impact and evasion.

  • Attacks:

Standard Weapon Form: Formed over Matt's arms and shoulders, he wields Sierra more for defence than offence. Aiming to get the opponent knocked down using Capoeira style, he will then attack using elbow-strikes which allow for the blades to hit.

Skull and Spin: Using an Au Batido – Overhead Kick – and striking the target's skull, while they are dazed the flip is finished by a roll into a low-spin which catches the ankle and pulls the legs out from beneath the target.

Back-to-Back Stab: Performing a flip to land behind the opponent, the blades will be slammed back and up into the rib-cage of the target.

Suicide Drop: Using a forward flip, Matt will sacrifice breaking the end of this flip with his hands to drop his whole body weight and the extended blades into the target. However, the target will need to have been knocked to the ground first.

Standard Fighting Form: Capoeira

Tamashii no Kyōmei:

  • Siren Sword: Sierra transforms into a large sword fixed to her Matt's dominant arm. The armour becomes more formed to the whole arm but leaves the rest of the body exposed. The sword is jagged edged, black with silver edging and a red gem in the centre of the blade. It can cut through mostly anything, releasing a shockwave of energy when swung.
  • Dragon Blade: An upgrade to so speak on the Siren sword, the blade more serrated than jagged with draconian twists around the red gems in silver. It appears engulfed in soul energy that writhes like fire.

Chain Resonaunce: -Locked-

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