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General Information Edit

Name: Hyko Tsubamaki

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Student Type: Technician

Experiance: -Locked-

Birthday: -Locked-

Zodiac Sign: -Locked-

Hometown: -Locked-

Appearance Edit

Height: 5 ft 4 in

Weight: 110 lb

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Green

Scars: -Locked-

Nicknames / TitlesEdit


Clothes and AccessoriesEdit



Family: -Locked-


Brick Howser

Friends: -Locked-

Other: -Locked-

Background InfromationEdit

Hyko is a first year student at shibusen, and the miester of her partner Brick (partner bio on the way).

Despite her "social butterfly" personality and boundless energy, very little is actually known about Hyko's history. Most rumors point to her being the sole survior of a small village that destroyed itself due some form of insanity that swept through affecting the residents. Hyko, trapped beneth her collapsed home was forced to watch the townpeople, including her family, violently kill one another until she was the only one left. At times, it seems that the incident has left Hyko teetering on the edge on insanity herself; no one can be sure at this point.


Hyko is one to look beneath outward appearances and usually sees something that very few can. This led to her picking Brick as her partner when no one else would. She tends to see the brighter side of situations and people; but lacks confidence in herself except in her ability to fight. Finally, she almost always has her face covered, either with her patented hooded shirts, or some other kind of clothing. Though some would consider this a cool feature, in reality it's a reflection of the shame she feels for the past.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Fighting styleEdit

Fighting Style (Solo):


Fighting Style (With Partner) :



Standard Fighting Form: -Locked-

Tamashii no Kyōmei: -Locked-

Chain Resonaunce: -Locked-

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