Created by PandaxWaffle in October 2010

General Information Edit

Name: Clown No-Face

Age: 15

Gender: [Female]

Species: [Human]

Student Type: Technician

Experiance: -Locked-

Birthday: -Locked-

Zodiac Sign: -Locked-

Hometown: -Locked-

Appearance Edit

Height: 5 ft 2 in

Weight: 109 lbs

Hair: Chocolate

Eyes: Pumpkin

Scars: -Locked-

Nicknames / TitlesEdit


Clothes and AccessoriesEdit



Family: -Locked-

Partner: -Locked-

Friends: -Locked-

Other: -Locked-

Background InfromationEdit

Clown is a very emotional girl with quite a unique taste in clothes. She's also very small for her age and gets pushed around very easily. She puts up a barrier from everybody else, but deep down she just wants a friend to understand and accept her for who she is.Losing her mother at the age of 9 she was thrown out on the streets. She loves to eat and sleep as much as possible and you'll find her dozing of in class if she didn't get enough sleep last night. Her emotions dwell on their own and surprises people, when she gets angry, sad, or even happy, it's usually because she yell out. She hates to cold and doesn't like to be interrupted when she eats. She doodles in her spare time and listens to music at full blast in her room. When she was younger she would scam people by telling them their fortunes at a small price. She kind of hung onto that habit and still does it. She can cook very good, but she loves to eat out. She usually would be one of the people to clean up something that she didn't do. She's very loyal and can get scared very easily. She is dependent on her partner to help her through missions. Her weakness would be losing her friends, and letting someone down. She usually makes good grades. She gets excited over the littlest things and makes up lots of words, like "Fug" or "Shiz".

One day she comes to her senses that she has 'talent', as she calls it. She decided to board herself at Shibusen, and train herself to become one of the most powerful meisters of all.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • She has the hability to see peoples souls and feel their wavelengths through touching
  • She also can tell peoples fortunes by reading off their palms,although not all fortunes will be correct.

Fighting styleEdit

Fighting Style (Solo):


Fighting Style (With Partner) :



Standard Fighting Form: -Locked-

Tamashii no Kyōmei: -Locked-

Chain Resonaunce: -Locked-


Before her mother died, she gave Clown a choker necklace, with a pure heart shaped ruby. It's very precious to her and keeps it with her at all times. Another things she wears is long sleeves or gloves to always cover her hands.

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