Chase Smith by ZombieKitty

Created by ZK-ZombieKitty in February 2011

General Information Edit

  • Name: Chase Smith
  • Age: 17 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Experiance: -Locked-
  • Birthday: 06/Jan/1993
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Hometown: -Locked-

Appearance Edit

  • Height: 5 ft 9 in
  • Weight: 120 lb
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Lavender/Violet
  • Scars: -Locked-

Nicknames / TitlesEdit

  • "Wushu Sword" Chase Smith

Clothes and AccessoriesEdit

Ripped blue jeans and a green sleeveless green shirt mostly, though this can vary for other items of varying colour. His jacket is black leather, somewhat too large for his frame, sleeves are constantly pushed up. It's very well worn, contains added on pockets on the lining on the inside. Fingerless gloves, black in colour adorn his hands. Constantly seen wearing an unusual tribal locket that resembles some kind of fanged animal. On the back of her are three wheels attached to three latches in some form of puzzle.


  • Family:


  • Partner:


  • Friends:


  • Other:


Background InfromationEdit

Chase was brought to Shibusen's attention when he was arrested by police in New York City for stealing. Knowing he was a Weapon, it was decided better for him to be placed in Shibusen rather than a correctional facility so that he might have a chance at a decent future. His name is assumed to be an alias he works under as there are no records of him available before his arrest. He was, however, living on the dockside in an old warehouse and is assumed to have been homeless for quite some time dodging the social services system. It is unknown where his family may be if he has any to speak of.


Chase is bored easily and only really takes interest in people if they've something he wants or a quality he finds intriguing. He tends to work alone and prefers it that way, the only time he works with others is when there is a benefit for him doing so. He loves challenges and can often be seen messing with puzzles in his free time when he's not out skulking around the town. As far as he's concerned, there's a catch to everything good and people are only out for themselves, himself included. It's how he's survived and he knows how people work.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Weapon Forms:

Partial His fingers form into the paper-thin end of the Wushu blade. Generally his index and middle finger but he can partial the majority of his hand into a blade.

  • Full Transformation A Wushu sword, paper-this, flexible blade with a black and gold hilt. A purple gem/eye is inlaid in the hilt.
  • Soul Perception: His Soul Perception isn't so much Perception as a sense of people's presence nearby. Possibly capable of learning how to use it better.

Fighting styleEdit

  • Fighting Style (Solo):

Fighting Style: No official fighting style aside from brawling. Knows how to wield a knife though more likely uses his partial form. Prefers to talk and evade his way out of situations.

  • Attacks:

Standard Weapon Form: Formed over Matt's arms and shoulders, he wields Sierra more for defence than offence. Aiming to get the opponent knocked down using Capoeira style, he will then attack using elbow-strikes which allow for the blades to hit.

Skull and Spin: Using an Au Batido – Overhead Kick – and striking the target's skull, while they are dazed the flip is finished by a roll into a low-spin which catches the ankle and pulls the legs out from beneath the target.

Back-to-Back Stab: Performing a flip to land behind the opponent, the blades will be slammed back and up into the rib-cage of the target.

Suicide Drop: Using a forward flip, Matt will sacrifice breaking the end of this flip with his hands to drop his whole body weight and the extended blades into the target. However, the target will need to have been knocked to the ground first.

  • Standard Fighting Form: Standard Weapon Form: No current partner. Weapon Form has not been recorded in use
  • Tamashii no Kyōmei: Currently unknown.
  • Chain Resonaunce: -Locked-

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