Created by Priceman in November 2009

General Information Edit

Name: Benjamin "Brick" Howser

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Student Type: Weapon

Experiance: -Locked-

Birthday: -Locked-

Zodiac Sign: -Locked-

Hometown: -Locked-

Appearance Edit

Height: 6 ft 1 in

Weight: 198 lb

Hair: -Unknown- (rumors vary)

Eyes: Gold

Scars: -Locked-

Nicknames / TitlesEdit


Clothes and AccessoriesEdit



Family: -Locked-


[Hyko Tsubanaki]:

Friends: -Locked-

Other: -Locked-

Background InfromationEdit

While officially Brick is a 2nd year student at Shibusen, he's actually enrolled in 1st termer classes along with his partner. Due to his large (and intimidating) size, he was unable to find a meister during his first year, thus he choose to take only elective courses so he would not get too far ahead in the curriculum. Despite what others may think, Brick is extremely intellegent for his age; always scoring highly in class, and usually being the voice of reason to counter his headstrong partner.


Due to usually being avoided or shunned by others, Brick has become a shy, passive, and soft spoken individual. This can sometimes lead to him avoiding situations that may lead to conflict (much to Hyko's annoyance). Due to his past, he treasures Hyko as his first true friend, even making it a habit to do things he normally wouldn't as long as it's for her sake.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Fighting styleEdit

Fighting Style (Solo and Partial Transformation):


Fighting Style (With Partner and Full Transformation) :



Standard Fighting Form: -Locked-

Tamashii no Kyōmei: -Locked-

Chain Resonaunce: -Locked-

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